Money and Giving


For further information about making donations, please contact us.

a) Bank Standing Order

This is the simplest method for regular giving. Complete and sign form {available from the Treasurer} which we will send to your bank,. You can alter, stop or transfer the Order to another charity at any time. This is the simplest method for us!

b) Envelope Scheme

We supply weekly envelopes for regular giving. If you have not signed a Gift Aid form then you can use a blue envelope. These are available in the Church pews. Envelopes packs are numbered; so the Inland Revenue conditions are satisfied. The Treasurer has supplies of envelopes.

c) Cash &/or Cheque

As well as the Gift Aid blue envelopes there is an offertory collection during the service.

Gift Aid

The Inland Revenue will pay to a Charity the tax paid by a donor on the income that became a donation to the Charity. It works on the standard rate of income tax. So, if you had tax deducted of £20 from earnings of £100 and gave the £78 to a charity that charity could reclaim the £22 from the Inland Revenue at no extra cost to you, the donor.

There are three conditions to this system:

  • you must pay enough tax to cover the refund
  • you must sign a form (only once) with the Charity saying that this is what you want to do;
  • the Charity must be able to identify your donations. Gift Aid forms are available from our Treasurer, Mr Roderick Watson,  or you can download a copy from the website.

NB.  Only the Gift Aid Treasurer has your details

Designated Giving

You can tell us that you want your donation to be used for a specific church purpose e.g. Restoration, mission, thanksgiving fund. Should you wish to do this we need your written instruction. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Mr Roderick Watson